UCR Extension Scholarship for Student Success

Eligibility Requirements

1) Students must have applied for, and been accepted into, a current professional or academic program and have completed at least 8 units of credit with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.


2) International students must have applied for candidacy in a credit-based certificate or academic program by the start of the quarter in which the student is requesting to receive a scholarship.


3) Students are not eligible for an award if they receive an Incomplete (I) for a course(s) on the final day of the quarter for which they apply OR have outstanding Incomplete(s) from previous quarters.


4) Students applying for a scholarship toward an Intensive Academy or Boot camp may be awarded an amount not to exceed $1,000. No previous UCR Extension course experience is required.

The number and size of scholarships awarded is dependent on donations to the UCR Extension Scholarship for Student Success Fund. 


For more information or assistance with your application, please contact Lizbeth Gonzalez at lgonzalez@ucx.ucr.edu.


Deadlines for scholarship applications:
Fall: August 1
Winter: November 15
Spring: February 15
Summer: May 1


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