Thank you for choosing UCR Extension to fulfill your professional development goals. To be eligible for this certificate program, you must have already enrolled and passed the Written and Oral Qualifying Admissions Exams. If you have not enrolled in the Written and Oral Qualifying Admissions Exams, please do so by enrolling here. The exam is offered at least once per month.   

BENEFITS OF JOINING: By submitting this free program application and enrolling in this certificate, you are ensured that you are locked-in to the certificate program as currently written. If there is a change to the program requirements after your application is approved, you will not be subject to those new additional requirements.  

Once approved, you are allowed five years to complete the certificate program, and a certificate tracker will appear in your Student Portal, making it easy to chart your progress toward completion.  

Note: courses, dates, tuition, and fees are subject to change without notice.

NEXT STEPS: After you submit your application, you will receive an automated email confirmation. Please allow ten business days for your application to be reviewed and a decision to be made.  Notification of acceptance or denial will be sent to the email address on file. If at any time you have a question or would like to review the status of your application, you may do so on your Student Portal. Your patience is greatly appreciated.  

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS: If you experience any difficulties submitting your application, please contact the Student Experience Team at 951.827.4105. If you have program specific questions, please email the Academic Affairs Department and we are happy to assist you.  

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