NOTE: This program is no longer open for enrollment.

Using GIS can be a large, multifaceted and time-consuming exercise. Sometimes, simple projects that effectively communicate relationships or patterns do not need all of the robust features that are typically included in GIS software. The Applied GIS Professional Achievement Award delivers content that focuses on the basics of a creating a GIS, finding data, analyzing data, and creating maps. Today’s web products now incorporate more analysis and customization options, thereby making GIS more accessible and consumer friendly.

Get your feet wet with a base foundation in GIS, and then take your newly learned knowledge and advance to the Professional Certificate in GIS to further develop your skills to take on more involved, and complex projects.

Designed For

This program is designed for less technical staff or leadership in a business or agency who need know how GIS can be used for decision-making and solutions, including new trends and applications. Also, for individuals who need to learn the basics of GIS for implementing simple GIS projects and creating maps for small business, non-profit, or school assignment applications.

What You'll Learn

  • How to describe the basic components of a GIS
  • Understand the importance of scale, projection and coordinate systems in GIS
  • Map creation and the importance of WebGIS and Online GIS
  • Ways to obtain and edit geospatial data from various sources

Earning the Certificate

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