You already know you want to pursue a postsecondary education after you graduate. But what if you don’t know what to major in? Or what if you know what interests you, but you’re unsure what’s out there? Whether or not you know what you want to major in, exploring possible options by learning about different disciplines helps you get closer to identifying where you want to focus your area of study. What if you could also earn college credit just by learning more about interesting topics in STEM fields? 


Explore different interests in the rapidly growing STEM fields and develop the base skills needed to take you anywhere, regardless of which major you choose. First, understand what is expected of you in academic writing, including critical thinking, essay organization, and writing style. Once you know how to express yourself in essay form, get an introduction to the many areas that you could apply yourself to by choosing two of four electives. Learn about electronics and technology, include mobile internet, wireless communications, and electronic products. Choose to explore the environment in issues such as conservation, energy sources, and cultural, political, and social trends. Want to think bigger than our world? Dive into an elective about astrobiology, star and galaxy generation, and the fundamental questions about our universe that remain unanswered, such as the origins of the universe. Or use your understanding of numbers or affinity for complex topics by looking at applied data science and how many disciplines use it. When you’re done, you’ve also earned a certificate of completion and UC credit to bolster your college applications.

Designed For

  • High school students wanting to prepare themselves for postsecondary studies
  • High school students wanting to earn college credit
  • High school students interested in the STEM fields and wanting to learn more

What You'll Learn

  • Critical thinking and reasoning skills through the academic writing process
  • Best practices for finding, organizing, understanding, and explaining data and research in problem-solving
  • Your choice of two electives to explore, including topics in technology like robotics; the environment, including market dynamics; science and cosmology; and applied data science in different disciplines

What You Can Do With This Program

Students who enroll in and successfully complete this program earn UC credit while learning more about disciplines from which to choose a possible major.

Additional Details

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