If you’re preparing for college after graduation but are unsure of what you want to major in, it can feel a bit overwhelming to think about the long list of disciplines to choose. How do you know which is the right one for you? How do you avoid spending time studying a major that ends up not fitting your interests? This short, focused program is designed to help you sift through these questions while earning UC credit at the same time.


First, start with a fundamental skill that applies to nearly every course you’ll take: academic writing. Understand what’s expected of you and what’s available for you to customize based on your topic, such as essay organization and paragraph development. Then choose two from nearly 20 electives to expand your critical thinking skills, quantitative understanding, and scientific reasoning skills. Learn more about topics in business and economics or look more into theoretical topics like the origin of matter and the nature of evil. Understand more about how to apply your people skills in topics of race and ethnicity or health and wellness. See if your tech-savvy skills can lead you to a major focused on wireless communications, robotics, or mobile internet. Or choose from other electives discussing energy and the environment, introductory philosophical topics, applied data science, race and ethnicity, US history, world history, anthropology, or archaeology. Meanwhile, you’re earning UC credit and certificate to highlight in your college applications, and you’ll come out of the program with a better idea of where your interest and skillset can take you in your college career.


Designed For

  • High school students wanting to prepare themselves for postsecondary studies
  • High school students wanting to earn college credit
  • High school students wanting to learn more about potential majors from which to choose


What You’ll Learn

  • College-ready writing skills for use in any course
  • Critical thinking skills and methods for coming to well-reasoned conclusions
  • Ways to use and apply numerical information and scientific reasoning
  • Your choice of two electives exploring topics like archaeology, technology and electronics, race and ethnicity, applied data science, and introductory philosophical questions


What You Can Do With This Program

Students who enroll in and successfully complete this program earn UC credit while learning more about disciplines from which to choose a possible major.

Additional Details

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