The widespread need for virtual classrooms isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, and teachers of all levels can benefit from either an introduction to or reinforcement of online course design. Rather than enrolling in a lengthy professional development program, get started with focusing on what you think you’d benefit from the most.


From understanding online course design formulas to giving instructor feedback using rubrics, choose from four courses aimed at introducing you to the various planning and delivery aspects of virtual classes. Consider the differences between traditional, face-to-face learning and online learning, including synchronous and asynchronous online learning, by creating a storyboard. Learn about the various types of assessment methods available, from introductory assessments like success criteria to more advanced ones like simulation and course analytics. Understand how to develop a course using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), including creating modules and adding tools. Or choose to practice your online instruction by developing best practices and a social presence strategy and then delivering your session, including giving feedback. However you choose to grow your teaching skills, you’ll have better awareness, technical know-how, and an informed perspective that will allow you to develop high-quality, well-structured online courses.


Designed For

  • Teachers, trainers, and professionals in K-12 education, higher education, corporate training, or education technology


What You’ll Learn

  • Differences between online learning and face-to-face learning, as well as synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Introductory and advanced types of assessment methods, including developing learning objectives, quiz construction, and collaborative peer assessment
  • Methods for using the Canvas LMS to develop and deliver course content, such as slides and discussions
  • Practice delivery of an online course, including developing best practices and using rubrics and discussion board responses for instructor feedback

Additional Details


Specialized Study Program in Online Course Design and Instruction
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