The Line Between Disorder and Order

Put your problem-solving skills to work to help connect the product with the intended customer, while facilitating the process throughout. Learn how to identify international supply chains at both the global and regional level, and understand the key elements of traffic operations, imports, exports, and overall management. Recognize the challenges and changes affecting purchasing, automation, material handling, working with suppliers, outsourcing, procurement coordination, and more.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the international supply chains at global and regional levels
  • Understand the functionality of supporting infrastructures of the transport and logistics field
  • Analyze the various elements of ‘country risk’ and ‘security’ in supply chains in order to establish new international businesses
  • Understand the key elements of international traffic operations, imports and exports and documentation that accompanies these processes
  • Understand the idea of Social Corporate Responsibility and its applications

Additional Details

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