Structure Your Future for Success

Establish your capacity for leadership in the engineering field. Stabilize your understanding of management skills in an American workplace. Build on that foundation with aspects related to engineering, including branding and marketing, technology trends, and cultural diversity. Further your engineering knowledge with up to 13 units of your choice of engineering electives and apply your collection of skills in a quarter-long internship at a corporation or business.

What You'll Learn

  • Various fundamental and contemporary skills related to leadership and management
  • Special topics in engineering based on electives of your choosing
  • Methods to refining your professional image through your portfolio and personal marketing skills
  • Best practices for application of your management skills through an internship at an active business

Additional Details


Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management


Minimum Required

12 Academic Unit(s)

Students must successfully complete 12 units of coursework within the second quarter. These units must be chosen from the subject of engineering (100-299 level)
Minimum Required

12 Academic Unit(s)

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