CS 851.3B - Microsoft Excel Intermediate Workshop
CS X422.3 - Microsoft Word
CS X422.7 - Microsoft Excel
CS X422.9 - Microsoft Excel Advanced
CS X423.1 - Microsoft Outlook
CS X423.4 - Microsoft PowerPoint
CS X424 - Microsoft Access
CS X424.9 - Microsoft Office 365
CS X452 - Google Platform
EDUC X314.3 - School Facilities Construction and Project Planning
EDUC X372.1 - Overview of California School Business Services
EDUC X372.2 - School Business Accounting
EDUC X372.3 - Information and Technology Systems in School Business
EDUC X372.4 - Human Resources Management for the Chief Business Official
EDUC X372.5 - Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration in Public Education
EDUC X372.6 - Attendance Accounting and Auditing in Public Education
EDUC X372.7 - Food and Child Nutritional Services in Public Education
EDUC X372.8 - Maintenance, Operations and Pupil Transportation
EDUC X372.9 - Risk Management in Public Education
EDUC X373.1 - Purchasing and Warehousing in Public Education
EDUC X373.2 - School Law for Chief Business Officials
EDUC X373.3 - School Financing: Practical Approaches for Chief Business Officials
EDUC X373.4 - Budget Development and Control in Public Education
EDUC X373.5 - Leadership and Strategic Planning for Chief Business Officials
EDUC X373.7 - Practicum for Chief Business Officials
ENGR X455.01 - Construction Drawings for the Building Trades
ENGR X472.6 - Sustainability and the Built Environment
MGT 802.17 - Construction Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 10 Certification
MGT 802.18 - Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 30-Hour Construction Safety Certification
MGT 808.2 - Project Management Professional and Certified Associate in Project Management (PMP/CAPMĀ®) Exam Preparation
MGT X401 - Facilities Management
MGT X401.01A - Case Studies in Facilities Engineering
MGT X401.2 - Facilities Operations
MGT X404 - Mastering Office Management
MGT X410.41 - Contract Negotiation
MGT X410.7 - Procurement and Subcontract Management
MGT X410.8 - Current Issues and Case Studies in Supply Chain Management
MGT X410.82 - Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
MGT X410.85 - Legal Aspects of Purchasing
MGT X410.86 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MGT X410.88 - Transportation and Traffic Management
MGT X410.9 - Global Logistics
MGT X410.91 - Inventory Management
MGT X410.93 - Logistics in Supply Chain Management: Domestic and Global
MGT X410.95 - Distribution Management
MGT X410.96 - Logistics E-Commerce
MGT X410.98 - Price and Cost Analysis in Supply Chain Management
MGT X429.1 - Fundamental Accounting Principles for the Nonaccountant
MGT X429.3 - Budget and Accounting Principles
MGT X471.12 - Fundamentals of Construction Costs, Estimating, and Budgeting
MGT X471.15 - Introduction to Construction Management
MGT X471.16 - Construction Project Delivery Systems and Contracts
MGT X471.2 - Fundamentals of Construction Costs, Estimating and Budgeting
MGT X471.6 - Construction Project Planning, Scheduling and Control Systems
MGT X471.7 - Construction Management
MGT X471.8 - Construction Field Supervision
MGT X473.1 - Lean Six Sigma Mindset
MGT X473.2 - Lean Six Sigma Capstone
MGT X473.5 - Lean Six Sigma by the Numbers
MGT X473.6 - Lean Principles and Practice
MGT X478.51 - Successful Business Writing
MGT X483 - Payroll Administration Fundamentals