EDUC 810.01 - Level II Education Specialist Credential Information Meeting
EDUC X303.A - Level II Induction Mild/Moderate Specialist
EDUC X303.B - Level II Summative Evaluation for Mild/Moderate Specialist Credential
EDUC X304.A - Level II Induction Moderate/Severe Specialist
EDUC X304.B - Level II Summative Evaluation for Moderate/Severe Specialist Credential
EDUC X312.85 - Resource Specialist Consultant Services
EDUC X312.86 - Resource Specialist Coordination Services and Monitoring of Compliance Requirements
EDUC X329.60 - Language-Based Learning Differences: Helping Students Who Struggle with Reading and Writing
EDUC X329.63 - Understanding Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Why Students Struggle With Reading and Writing
EDUC X330.25 - Understanding Learning Differences
EDUC X330.26 - Psychology of Human Learning
EDUC X330.27 - Principles of Educational Therapy
EDUC X330.28 - Management of Clinical Practice
EDUC X330.30 - Advanced Educational Assessment
EDUC X330.32 - Assessment for Educational Therapists: Practicum
EDUC X330.33 - Techniques of Educational Therapy, Part I: Academic and Content Areas
EDUC X330.34 - Techniques of Educational Therapy, Part II
EDUC X330.36 - Internship in Educational Therapy
EDUC X330.39C - Association of Educational Therapists Conference
EDUC X330.44 - Advanced Understanding of Adjunct Therapies
EDUC X424.1 - Introduction to Response to Intervention
EDUC X424.2 - Response to Intervention in Behavioral Areas
EDUC X424.3 - School Consultation and Reform
EDUC X424.5 - Response to Intervention in Academic Areas
EDUC X424.9 - Culmination Portfolio
EDUC X450 - Introduction to Autism: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Students with Autism
EDUC X450.01 - Structured Teaching: Structuring the Learning Environment for Individual Success with Autism Spectrum Disorder
EDUC X450.02 - Interventions That Address Learning and Behavioral Needs of Students With ASD
EDUC X450.03 - Communication Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorders
EDUC X450.04 - Social Skills: Evidence-Based Practices for Increasing Social Competence of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
EDUC X450.06 - Collaborating With Other Service Providers
EDUC X450.08 - Including Students with Mild Autism in General Education
EDUC X450.09 - Including Students with Learning Disabilities in General Education
EDUC X450.10 - Including Students with Attention Deficits in General Education
EDUC X450.11 - Including Students with Significant Disabilities in General Education