BMSC 865 - Biomechanics of Low-Speed Impacts: Injury Mechanisms
BMSC X410 - Utilization Review and Quality Management in Health Services
BMSC X413.01 - Hospital-Based Case Management
BMSC X413.1 - Medical Case Management in the Field
BMSC X413.11 - Medical Ethics
BMSC X413.2 - Job Analysis by the Field Case Manager
BMSC X414 - Effective Case Management: Connecting to the Community
BMSC X415 - Effective Case Management: Connecting to Healthcare Systems
BMSC X415.1 - New Opportunities for Healthcare Advocacy
BMSC X415.15 - Financial Coverage and Benefits Systems in Case Management
BMSC X415.5 - Introduction to Life Span Development
BMSC X415.7 - The Substance Abuse Treatment Continuum
BMSC X417.1 - Introduction to Life Care Planning (LCP)
BMSC X418 - Effective Case Management: Connecting to the Client
BMSC X448 - Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting
BMSC X448.1 - Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting
BMSC X448.5 - Establishing and Organizing a Practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant
BMSC X449 - Medical Record Review, Analysis and Standards of Practice
BMSC X465 - Introduction to Forensic Science in Healthcare Settings
BMSC X465.1 - Forensic Approaches to Blunt Force and Firearm Injuries
BMSC X465.10 - Forensic Nurse Death Investigation
BMSC X465.12 - Sworn Testimony for the Healthcare Specialist
BMSC X465.2 - Crime Scene Preservation and Death Investigation in Health Care Settings
BMSC X465.3 - Forensic Approaches to Human Abuse Injuries
BMSC X465.4 - Occupational Considerations in Forensic Nursing
BMSC X465.5 - Forensic Approaches to Mental Health Assessment
BMSC X465.52 - Forensic Approaches to Mental Health and Domestic Violence
BMSC X465.6 - Forensic Photography in the Healthcare Setting
BMSC X465.8 - Forensic Approaches to Domestic Violence
BMSC X465.9 - Introduction to Forensic Pathology for Health Care Specialists
BMSC X466 - Examination and Care of Sexual Assault Patients: Adult/Adolescent
BMSC X480 - Death Investigation Evidence Collection and Documentation
BMSC X481 - Death Investigation I: Natural, Accidental and Undetermined Deaths
BMSC X482 - Death Investigation: Homicides and Suicides
BMSC X483 - Death Investigation: SUID/Child and Infant Deaths
BMSC X484 - Introduction to Nurse Death Investigation
LAW X431.2 - Report Writing for the Legal Nurse Consultant
PSYC X415.4 - Aging and Mental Health
SOC X416.1 - Introduction to Civil Law and Procedure
SOC X417.80 - Forensic Issues in the U.S. Military