LAW 800.P - Annual Juvenile Law Institute: Delinquency Law Program
LAW 800.Q - Annual Juvenile Law Institute: Dependency Law Program
LAW 801 - LexisNexis Computer Legal Research Access Annual Subscription
LAW 811 - The Legal Educational Conference
LAW 850.A - Free Press - Fair Trial: Ethics and Access in the Judicial Process
LAW 856.1N - Annual MCLE Madness - All-Day Program
LAW 858.1 - The Special Needs Trust: Administrating, Maintaining and Maximizing Benefits
LAW 859 - The Basics of Medi-Cal Planning for Long Term Care
LAW 862 - A Vulnerable Population: Combating Fraud Among Seniors
LAW X430 - Fundamentals of Law for the Legal Professional
LAW X431 - Legal Research and Writing I
LAW X432 - Legal Research and Writing II
LAW X433.5 - Law Office Procedures, Systems, and Technology
LAW X433.6 - Ethics for the Legal Professional
LAW X435 - Civil Litigation and Procedures
LAW X435.5 - Rules of Evidence
LAW X436 - Family Law
LAW X437.1 - Contract Law
LAW X438 - Probate Practices and Procedures
LAW X439 - Tort Law
LAW X444 - Immigration and Naturalization Law and Procedure
LAW X445 - Criminal Law for Paralegals
LAW X448 - Business Law
LAW X449 - Trial Preparation
LAW X480 - Bankruptcy Law and Procedure
LAW X483 - The Art of Writing Persuasive Legal Motions
LAW X499 - Paralegal Internship
MGT 846.3 - Managing the Client's Assets: Integrated Asset Management
MGT 846.4 - Trusts and Trust Administration for the Professional Fiduciary
MGT 891 - Financial Planning Fundamentals for Fiduciaries
MGT X427.61 - Overview of Fiduciary Management
MGT X427.62 - Practical Applications of Accounting for the Professional Fiduciary
MGT X427.63 - Introduction to Conservatorships of the Person and Estate
MGT X427.64 - Management of Estate Assets
MGT X427.66 - Professional Fiduciary Business Practices
MGT X427.67 - Special Topics in Fiduciary Management
MGT X427.71 - Decedent's Estate Practices and Procedures
MGT X427.72 - Trust Administration and Procedure
MGT X427.73 - Successfully Navigating Disability Benefits for Adults
SOC 801.1 - ASIS/UCR Lunchtime Lecture