ART X425.11 - Children's Book Illustration
CRWT 824.21 - Marketing for Writers
CRWT 830.1 - Freeing Your Creativity
CRWT 830.2 - The Art and Craft of Blogging
CRWT 830.3 - Creating Realistic Characters
CRWT 833.02 - Content Writing and Promotion for Social Media
CRWT 833.2 - Writing the Opinion and Personal Essay
CRWT 833.21 - Learn to Write Literary Nonfiction
CRWT 833.22 - History, Presence, and Writing from Famous Local Desert Authors
CRWT 835.1 - Turn Your Travels into Literary Adventures!
CRWT 851.A - Writing Your Memoir with Emily Rapp
CRWT 851.B - Travel and Food Writing 101
CRWT 851.C - Idea into Action: A Fiction Writer's Toolbox
CRWT 851.D - Finding Your Poet Voice
CRWT 851.E - Novel Workshop with Stephen Jay Schwartz
CRWT 851.F - Writing the Screenplay with Mickey Birnbaum
CRWT 875 - Screenwriting Today -- The Craft and Business
CRWT X402 - Research for Writers
CRWT X403.05 - Plein Air Creative Writing
CRWT X404.4 - Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
CRWT X404.6 - Creative Nonfiction Workshop
CRWT X407 - Writing the Short Story
CRWT X407.1 - Fiction of Place
CRWT X414.5 - Introduction to Getting Published
CRWT X414.7 - Taking Your Writing to the Next Level
CRWT X414.8 - Alternative Publishing and Self-Publishing
CRWT X416.35 - Writing Your Life's Story
CRWT X417 - Writing the Memoir
CRWT X417.05 - Memoir and Personal Essay Writing
CRWT X417.1 - Memoir Into Fiction -- Writing the Autobiographical Novel or Story
CRWT X417.32 - Creative Writing for Young Adults
CRWT X417.5 - Writing Children's Books
CRWT X417.51 - The ABC's of Getting Your Children's Book Published
CRWT X417.52 - Workshopping Your Children's Book
CRWT X417.8 - Getting Started: Building the Character, Conflict and Setting
CRWT X420.1 - Writing a Novel
CRWT X420.5 - Introduction to the Graphic Novel
CRWT X420.51 - Scriptwriting: From Graphic Novels to Screenplays
CRWT X421 - Beginning Fiction Techniques
CRWT X421.1 - Fiction Workshop
CRWT X430.01 - Idea Into Action: Creating Dynamic Characters and Dialog
CRWT X430.1 - Dialogue Workshop: Creating Memorable Voices
CRWT X430.7 - Feature Film Writing: Women on the American Movie Screen
CRWT X431 - Building a Play: An Introduction to Writing for the Stage
CRWT X431.2 - Introduction to Story Analysis
CRWT X462.2 - Writing Fantasy Fiction
CRWT X462.5A - Introduction to Screenwriting
CRWT X462.9 - Writing for Television
CRWT X464.5 - Travel Journal Writing
CRWT X468 - Writing Today's Mystery
MGT X417.6 - Grant Writing for Artists and Arts Managers
THEA X450.61 - Screenwriting Workshop I