ART 816 - Available Light Photography Workshop
ART 819.1 - Getting Started in Digital Photography
ART 819.2 - Photo Editing: Basics
ART 819.3 - Saturday Morning on Location: Big Morongo Canyon Preserve
ART 819.4 - Saturday Morning on Location: UCR Botanic Gardens
ART 819.5 - Digital Storytelling
ART 819.7 - Saturday Morning on Location: Hsi Lai Temple
ART 824.05 - Built-In Camera Flash Workshop
ART 825.6 - Landscape Photography Workshop
ART 825.8 - Photographing Joshua Tree National Park
ART 826.1 - Photographing Death Valley
ART 826.3 - Photographing the Mojave National Preserve
ART 832 - Introduction to Close-Up Photography
ART X440.1 - Exploring Photography as a Fine Art
ART X458.13 - Defining Your Photographic Vision
ART X484.32 - Night Photography
ART X484.34 - Documentary Photography
ART X484.4 - Travel Photography
ART X484.8 - Portrait Photography
ART X485.01 - DSLR Photography: Moving up to DSLR Cameras
ART X485.02 - Introduction to Photography Hosting and Publishing
ART X485.12 - Composition and Concepts for Better Photography
ART X485.5 - Panorama Photography
ART X486.2 - Digital Photography: The Basics
ART X486.3 - Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics
ART X486.31 - Digital Photography: The Creative Advantage
ART X486.4 - The Business of Photography
ART X486.7 - Beginning HDR Photography
ART X496.5 - Photography Projects: Silhouette, Still Life, Portrait and Night Scenes
ETST X432.01 - The Construction of Native Americans in Film: Wiping The War Paint Off the Lens