EDUC X335 - Asian Religions in America: Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism
OLLI 810.71 - Creating a Legacy Journal
OLLI 810.72 - The War to End All Wars, 1914-1918
OLLI 810.73 - History of Chinese Thought and Civilization
OLLI 810.74 - "Hallelujah Handel! More Than Messiah"
OLLI 810.75 - Hemingway's Cuba
OLLI 810.77 - All Tech Considered: Introduction to Travel Blogging
OLLI 810.78 - Life Through a Lens Documentary Series
OLLI 810.79 - The Decameron: Revisited not Repeated
OLLI 810.80 - The Middle Kingdom: Culture and Art History of China
OLLI 810.81 - Pearl Harbor Reconsidered
OLLI 810.82 - The Unheard Story of David and Goliath
OLLI 810.84 - At the Movies: Is Life Still a CABARET?
OLLI 810.85 - Will Democracy Survive?
OLLI 810.86 - Criminal Justice Issues in Review
OLLI 810.87 - Introduction to Gothic Calligraphy
OLLI 810.88 - Cinematic Exploration: Life's Crises and Decisions
OLLI 811.12 - The Story of Rock N' Roll - The Sixties
OLLI 822.4 - Cultivating Awareness: Mindfulness Meditation in the Second Half of Life
OLLI 823.13 - A Day of Mindfulness: Diversity, Disability, and Empowerment
OLLI 823.14 - Neurofeedback: A Tool for Positive Change
OLLI 828.22 - All Tech Considered: Facebook 101
OLLI 831.18 - Religions Around the World
OLLI 833.05A - Globalization and the Changing Role of the United States
OLLI 835.10 - Osher Summer Film Series
OLLI 835.32 - Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey
OLLI 835.4 - The Road to the Oscars
OLLI 835.68 - The Week's News in Review
OLLI 840.13 - Italian Film Neorealism
OLLI 840.21 - The Influence of Science News on Everyday Life
OLLI 840.23 - The Distinguished Actors
OLLI 840.31A - UCR Center for Ideas and Society Disciplines in Dialogue Lecture Series: How Far We've Come
OLLI 840.31B - UCR Center for Ideas and Society Disciplines in Dialogue Lecture Series: "The Top Three – Books, Songs, Comics and Television Series that Changed Things"
OLLI 840.35 - At the Movies: Classic Films about Life in California
OLLI 840.36 - Cinematic Exploration: Health and Wellness Around the World
OLLI 840.37 - American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America
OLLI 840.39 - The World Wars of the Twentieth Century
OLLI 840.41 - All Tech Considered: Using Social Networking Sites
OLLI 840.43 - Conscious Soulfulness: Soul in Relationships, Friendships, and Communities
OLLI 840.44 - Arbiter of Musical Tastes: Baroque Music in Italy
OLLI 840.65 - Intermediate Gothic Calligraphy
OLLI 841.21 - Potpourri of Poetry Revisited
OLLI 841.32 - Ten Thousand Waves of Women's Voices
OLLI 845.10 - 9-11 Reconsidered
OLLI 845.11 - At the Movies: Coming to America - Classic Films About the Immigrant Experience
OLLI 845.13 - Introduction to Celtic Calligraphy
OLLI 845.14 - Art House Cinema Series: Part 7
OLLI 845.15 - Successful and Fruitful Citrus Growing in Your Yard
OLLI 845.16 - The United States and the Second World War
OLLI 845.7 - Plants of the Bible and Quran
OLLI 845.8 - The Italian Villa and Gardens
OLLI 845.9 - American Character - A History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good
OLLI 847.10 - Imperial Spain: From the Caves of Covadonga to California
OLLI 847.11 - Music, Rebellion, and Repression in the Sixties
OLLI 847.13 - A Retreat on Approaching Grief and Loss
OLLI 847.15 - Religious Responses to Nazism and the Nazi State: 1930-1950
OLLI 847.16 - Journey Into Artistry
OLLI 847.17 - Kinesiology 101: The Benefits of Motion
OLLI 847.18 - Ten Thousand Waves of Women's Voices: Part II: Contemporary Memoirs and Literature by Women Authors
OLLI 847.19 - Political Secrets and Deceptions
OLLI 847.20 - Late 19th Century Mission Revival Architecture: The Role of San Juan Capistrano, Ramona, Richard Egan, Charles Lummis and the Landmarks Club
OLLI 847.22 - UCR Emeriti Association and UCR OSHER Present: The Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professorship Lecture Series 2020-2021
OLLI 847.23 - Cinematic Exploration: Pride and Prejudice
OLLI 847.25 - Civil Justice Issues in Review
OLLI 847.29 - A Summer 2019 Survey of Contemporary Art Practices
OLLI 847.3 - The Grant Presidency and the Rise of the U.S. as a Global Power
OLLI 847.30 - Ernest Hemingway's Short Studies
OLLI 847.31 - Women's Health Seminars for Successful Aging
OLLI 847.32 - Important Presidential Elections in American History
OLLI 847.33 - Cinematic Exploration: Culture Clashes
OLLI 847.35 - Introduction to T’ai Ch’uan for Balance and Strength
OLLI 847.37 - Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City
OLLI 847.38 - The Cold War: 1947-1989
OLLI 847.39 - Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America
OLLI 847.4 - Hitler and Stalin: Friends or Foes?
OLLI 847.40 - At the Movies: Classic Films About the Media
OLLI 847.43 - Hiking 101: Coachella Valley to the Pacific Crest Trail
OLLI 847.44 - Global Connections to Art and Architecture
OLLI 847.45 - Seeking the Soul of America: Exploring What Feels Like a Time of National Soulful Upheaval
OLLI 847.46 - History of the Blues
OLLI 847.47 - Six Arias in Six Weeks
OLLI 847.48 - Introduction to Wine and Wine Tasting
OLLI 847.49 - At the Movies: Classic Films About Political Leaders
OLLI 847.5 - The Dynamic Power of the Brain
OLLI 847.50 - Medieval Manuscript Painting Techniques
OLLI 847.51 - Trump, Mueller, Putin and Election Security in 2020
OLLI 847.52 - Global Challenges in 2020
OLLI 847.53 - On the Road with Osher: The Mandir
OLLI 847.54 - On the Road with Osher: Hsi Lai Temple
OLLI 847.56 - Collage, Color, and the Constructive Spirit: A Seminar by David Seif
OLLI 847.57 - Context Is Everything: How ‘Change’ Manifests in the History of Art
OLLI 847.58 - Memory to Memoir: What’s Your Story?
OLLI 847.59 - The BIG Events of the Bible: Did They Really Happen?
OLLI 847.6 - At the Movies: Classic Foreign Language Musicals
OLLI 847.61 - Iran Contra and the Unpardonable Presidency
OLLI 847.62 - Ten Thousand Waves of Women Voices: Part III / Contemporary Memoirs and Literature by Women Authors
OLLI 847.63 - At the Movies: The Films of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
OLLI 847.64 - Celebrating the Music of Charlie Parker
OLLI 847.65 - IGO’s—From 1945 to the Present--A Survey of the Where, What, and How of International Governmental Organizations, Treaties, and Agreements
OLLI 847.66 - A Survey of the Royal Palaces of Europe: From Buckingham Palace to the Hermitage
OLLI 847.68 - Exploring the Life, Influences, and Music of Aaron Copland
OLLI 847.7 - Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis
OLLI 847.70 - Cinematic Exploration: Immoral Films About Morality
OLLI 847.71 - Appreciating the “isms” of 20th Century Painters
OLLI 847.72 - Survival Spanish for Travelers
OLLI 847.73 - At the Movies: Classic Disney Animated Musicals
OLLI 847.74 - What’s up Doc? Health and Wellness Seminars Series
OLLI 847.75 - First Blush: People’s Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art
OLLI 847.76 - Introduction to the Creative Process and Practice of Making Art
OLLI 847.8 - What Does Happiness and Joy Look Like After 50?
OLLI 847.9 - Passport to India Through Film
OLLI 863 - Beginning Iyengar Yoga / Osher
OLLI 864 - Intermediate Iyengar Yoga
OLLI 880.A - Camp Creative: A Playdate for Women - Nurturing the Goddess Within
OLLI 880.B - Camp Creative: A Gathering for Women with Spirit and Soul
OLLI 887 - Windows on the World: The Rise of Populism in Europe
OLLI 887.D - Windows on the World: A Pre-Oscar Academy Night
OLLI 887.E - Windows on the World: U.S. Policy on the Arabian Peninsula - What are America’s Policy Goals?
OLLI 887.F - Windows on the World: UCR’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Present: UC Riverside Science Lecture Series 2020 "Big Data Science"
OLLIN 831.12 - Ontology Part 2: Being the Best by Creating a New You