Course Description

This Computer Science Supplementary Teaching Credential Authorization course is jointly offered through a UC Riverside and UC Davis partnership. The course provides an introduction to C programming. Topics include computational thinking, pseudocode and flowcharts, data structures and representation, decomposition, abstraction, algorithms, input/output, visualization, 2D and 3D plotting, random numbers, repetition, selection statements, arrays, sorting, functions, data files, animation, debugging, Command Shell operations, software design, and strategies for teaching computer science in alignment with CS standards.

Learner Outcomes

  • Use a Command Shell to demonstrate basic mathematical operations and interactive execution of C programming statements
  • Understand data types, variables, and precision
  • Write code for graphical visualization and 2D and 3D plotting of data
  • Understand how animation works and write code to implement it
  • Write interactive and modular programs that implement user input/output and selection and repetition structures
  • Use software tools to analyze and debug programs
  • Integrate C programming and computing activities into CS and STEAM curricula in alignment with relevant standards
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