Course Description

Principles of cognitive, developmental, and social psychology, as they apply to the exceptional learner, are examined in this course. Current research is reviewed as it relates to:

  • individual differences
  • learning processes
  • theories and problems of learning
  • the impacts of motivation and intelligence on the learner

Fundamentals of physical, motor, social, and emotional development at critical stages are also examined.

Learner Outcomes

  • Identify the brain’s role in learning and memory.
  • Describe what attention disorders are, what causes them, and how they are treated.
  • Understand what executive functioning is and how it can impact classroom performance.
  • Describe and discuss the concepts of self-monitoring, inhibition, and emotional self-regulation, as it relates to learning and executive functioning.
  • Describe and discuss motivation and reinforcement to increase desired behaviors and learning.
  • Recognize a variety of learning disabilities based on symptoms and patterns of learning, including language, reading, math, and writing disabilities.
  • Understand a variety of social, behavioral, and emotional disorders including, autism, oppositional disorders, and anxiety disorders.
  • Discuss common misconceptions associated with learning disabilities and refute them with factual evidence.
  • Develop treatment plans for each student’s unique profile, including recommendations for classroom accommodations and modifications.

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Oct 24, 2022 to Dec 12, 2022
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Section Materials
  • Textbook (Mandatory) How the Special Needs Brain Learns Third Edition 3rd edition ISBN 978-1506327020
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