Course Description

This Computer Science Supplementary Teaching Credential Authorization course is jointly offered through a UC Riverside and UC Davis partnership. The course provides an introduction to advanced topics in C programming, including iteration, pointers, struct, classes, data structures, linked lists, searching and sorting algorithms, and program design and debugging, plus an introduction to object-oriented programming using classes in C++. Pedagogical principles and strategies for teaching AP Computer Science Principles and creating compelling lessons and activities will be covered.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand how pointers are used to address and access data in memory
  • Create and use data structures employing struct and linked lists
  • Use searching and sorting algorithms and understand their strengths and limitations
  • Understand the principles of object-oriented programming and the fundamental concepts using classes in C++
  • Design, write, and debug interactive and modular programs that implement data structures, pointers, linked lists, and searching and sorting algorithms
  • Implement pedagogical principles and strategies in creating lessons and activities for AP Computer Science Principles


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Jul 24, 2023 to Jul 28, 2023
M, T, W, Th, F
8:00AM to 4:00PM
Jul 24, 2023 to Jul 28, 2023
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  • UC Riverside
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4 units
Section Notes
individually paying teachers can enroll through UCR Extension but district cohorts should pay by PO through https://c-stem.ucdavis.edu/teachers-administrators/professional-development/professional-development-events/. 
Section Materials
  • (Mandatory) Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Python: Write complex and powerful code using the latest features of Python 3.7 2nd edition ISBN ISBN -10: 1788995570
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