Course Description

Examines the physical and health issues of children from birth to age eight. Explore the multitude of decisions that families make regarding their child's health and well-being. This course also focusses on the skills and knowledge needed for developing emergency plans and responding to health and safety issues in the classroom. It examines the normative and individual variations of children’s physical development from the prenatal period through age eight and pedagogical approaches to enhancing physical development. Theories and approaches to understanding health promotion and factors that influence the health of young children, families, and communities are also reviewed. Discuss the appropriate nutrition for children as well as the influences that school, home and society have on children's dietary habits. Field work is required outside of class time to provide students with opportunities to learn and practice competencies related to the care and education of young children.

Learner Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of physical growth and development in relation to both normative and individual trajectories in young children.
  • Understand normative brain physiology and its relationship to overall well-being and health.
  • Apply the biopsychosocial model to children in different developmental periods.
  • Identify and articulate issues and challenges associated with malnutrition and over nutrition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of healthful food choices taking into account individual family and cultural references.
  • Identify and describe necessary screening and referral procedures to assess children’s developmental and health status.
  • Identify and analyze factors influencing biophobia.
  • Apply appropriate teaching strategies for enhancing physical development.
  • Evaluate strategies for communicating with families regarding policies and practices concerning health and physical development.

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