Course Description

An introduction to current theories and research of typical and atypical development patterns of children from conception to 36 months. Focus is on physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth and change. Additionally, perspectives are explored regarding diverse child-rearing techniques that support optimal development. Explore the development of infants and toddlers (pre-natal to age 3), and discuss:

  • maternal and infant health
  • physical maturational changes
  • brain and cognitive development
  • language learning
  • socio-emotional growth.

Emphasizes the role of family and relationships in development by applying theoretical frameworks to interpret behavior and interactions. The dynamic balance of environment and heredity will be considered through current research, developmental milestones and theory, caregiving practices, cultural variability, and the connection of growth patterns to neurobiological processes.


Completion of EDUC X80 - An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies: Child Growth and Development recommended.
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