EDUC 804.1 - Orientation: CLAD Through CTEL
EDUC 804.2 - Orientation: Bilingual Authorization
EDUC 804.O - TESOL Orientation
EDUC X331.01 - Foundations of TESOL
EDUC X331.02 - TESOL Reading and Writing Methods
EDUC X331.03 - TESOL Speaking and Listening Methods
EDUC X331.11 - Teaching English to Young Learners
EDUC X331.12 - Intercultural Communication
EDUC X331.13 - Technology and Media-Enhanced Language Teaching
EDUC X331.14 - Teaching English Around the World
EDUC X331.16 - Teaching English in Academic Settings
EDUC X331.19 - Teaching English in a Digital World
EDUC X331.2 - TESOL Portfolio
EDUC X331.3 - ESL Student Teaching
EDUC X331.4 - ESL/EFL Student Teaching
EDUC X425.01 - Frameworks and Methods for TESOL
EDUC X426 - Culture and Inclusion
EDUC X426.1 - Language and Language Development
EDUC X426.2 - Assessment of English Language Learners
EDUC X426.21 - SDAIE - Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English to English Learners for SB1292 Staff Development Certificate of Completion
EDUC X426.3 - Foundations of English Language Development and Methods for Content Instruction
EDUC X426.50 - Orientation: Bilingual Authorization
EDUC X426.51 - Survey of Bilingual Issues
EDUC X426.52 - Assessment and Methods of Instruction in Bilingual Settings
EDUC X426.53 - Reading and Biliteracy in a Second Language
EDUC X426.54 - Culture and Diversity in Bilingual Settings
EDUC X426.9 - CLAD Through CTEL Portfolio
EDUC X426.A - Orientation: CLAD Through CTEL
EDUC X431 - English Grammar Structure and Methods
EDUC X432 - Language and Linguistics