ART 895.01 - Entertainment Design Information Session
ART 895.24 - Information Session: Introduction to Digital Arts and Graphic Design
ART 898 - Computer Animation: Studies in Adobe Flash Information Session
ART 899 - Intensive Training Workshops in Computer Animation: Studies in Adobe Flash
ART X440.2 - Refining Your Images in Photoshop
ART X460 - Decorating and Designing for the Home: The Basics
ART X460.02 - Home Decorating for the Holidays
ART X461.02 - Perspective Drawing
ART X461.1 - Color Theory and Its Application
ART X461.2 - Environmental and Human Factors in Design
ART X461.21 - Designing With Light
ART X461.3 - Drafting I
ART X461.31 - Drafting II
ART X461.35 - CAD for Interior Design
ART X461.37 - Building Codes
ART X461.38 - CAD for Interior Design, Part II
ART X461.44 - Interior Design Internship
ART X461.5 - Materials and Resources for Interior Design
ART X461.51 - History of Architectural Interiors I
ART X461.51B - History of Architectural Interiors and Furniture II
ART X461.52 - Textile Design: History, Design and Construction of Fibers and Fabrics
ART X461.53 - Professional Resources for Interior Designers
ART X461.54 - Introduction to Color Rendering Techniques
ART X461.55 - Residential Interior Design
ART X461.56 - Commercial Interior Design
ART X461.62 - Window Treatments -- Draperies, Shades, Blinds and Shutters
ART X461.64 - Sustainable Interior Design
ART X461.65 - Patio Design
ART X461.71 - The Arts and Crafts Movement in Southern California: Architecture, Interiors, and Decorative Design
ART X461.8 - Space Planning
ART X461.A - Introduction to Interior Design
ART X462.12 - Kitchen and Bath Design
ART X462.4 - Interior Design: Selling at the Retail Level
ART X462.5 - Introduction to Furniture Design
ART X489.10 - Digital Media: Introduction to Graphic Design
ART X489.25 - Advanced Design Collaterals
ART X489.26 - Publishing with InDesign
ART X489.31 - Introduction to Digital Arts and Graphic Design
ART X489.61 - Introduction to Design Sketching
ART X490.12 - Design and Create Interactive PDFs and E-Pubs Using Adobe InDesign
ART X490.52 - Drawing with Illustrator
ART X490.53 - Introduction to Logo Design and Brand Development
ART X490.54 - Adobe Lightroom Essentials
ART X491.11 - 2-D Design
ART X491.7 - Advanced Digital Illustration with Adobe Illustrator
CS 892.01 - Video Game Design, Development and Production Workshop
CS 895.05 - Introduction to Game Programming
CS 895.06 - Introduction to Game Design
CS 895.07 - Introduction to Art for Games
MGT X461.51 - Business Practices for Interior Designers