CS X422.8 - Microsoft Excel Intermediate
CS X423.10 - Microsoft Project - Comprehensive
EDUC 800.9 - Academic and Administrative Models in Higher Education
GEN 838.12 - GMAT Preparation for International Students
MGT 805 - Information Session: Certificate in Nonprofit Management
MGT 806.1 - Information Session: Certificate in Advanced Nonprofit Management
MGT 850.06 - Coaching and Mentoring: Developing Employees and Getting Results
MGT 870.1 - Cannabis 101: History and Practice Across Industries
MGT 870.2 - The Business of Cannabis I: Seed to Sale
MGT 870.3 - The Business of Cannabis II: Scaling Operations
MGT 870.4 - Cannabis Law & Policy I: Historical Perspectives
MGT 870.5 - Cannabis Law & Policy II: Emerging Sectors
MGT 870.6 - Cannabis Healthcare & Medicine I: Essentials of Cannabis Medicine
MGT 870.7 - Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine II: Integrated Clinical Practice
MGT 870.8 - Cannabis Agriculture & Horticulture I: Plant Care and Vegetative Cycle
MGT 870.9 - Cannabis Agriculture & Horticulture II: The Flowering Cycle and Maximizing Yields
MGT 875.1 - Leadership Summer Academy
MGT X200.1 - Global Human Resources
MGT X200.2 - Global Marketing: Integrated Marketing Management
MGT X200.3 - Multinational Financial Management
MGT X200.4 - Building Technology-Centric Organizations
MGT X200.5 - Strategic Management in the Global Environment
MGT X409.51 - Managerial Decision Making - Operations and Decision Analysis
MGT X409.53 - Managerial Decision Making: Managerial Economics
MGT X416 - Nonprofit Management
MGT X416.1 - Fundraising Essentials
MGT X417.01 - Grant Proposal Writing
MGT X417.8 - Current Issues and Case Studies in Nonprofit Management
MGT X418 - Building Nonprofit Capacity
MGT X418.1 - Managing Nonprofit Human Resources
MGT X418.2 - Practical Nonprofit Program Development and Evaluation
MGT X418.3 - Nonprofit Financial Management
MGT X418.4 - Strategic Communications for the Nonprofit Organization
MGT X421 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGT X421.1 - Social Entrepreneurship
MGT X421.2 - Contemporary Leadership and Intercultural Competence
MGT X421.3 - Globalization and Global Strategy
MGT X421.4 - Import and Export Management
MGT X421.5 - Intrapreneurship
MGT X421.6 - Financial Concepts for Entrepreneurs
MGT X422.1 - Startups for Innovators, Part I
MGT X422.2 - Startups for Innovators, Part II
MGT X422.3 - Navigating the Startup Enterprise, Part I
MGT X422.4 - Navigating the Startup Enterprise, Part II
MGT X422.5 - Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing
MGT X422.6 - Finance for Entrepreneurs
MGT X422.7 - Managing Entrepreneurial Operations
MGT X427.01 - Evaluating the Potential of a New or Existing Business
MGT X427.02 - Developing a Business Plan
MGT X427.03 - Financing Your Business
MGT X427.04 - Business Operations
MGT X434.2 - Fundamentals of the Hospitality Industry
MGT X455.1 - Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)/Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) Certification Training
MGT X463.20 - Sports Marketing and Promotions
MGT X463.22 - Management and Leadership in Sports
MGT X463.23 - Sports Law
MGT X463.24 - The Financial Management of Sports
MGT X463.30 - Principles of Special Events Management
MGT X463.32 - Event Design and Technology
MGT X463.34 - Wedding Planning and Coordination
MGT X463.35 - Corporate Event Management
MGT X463.36 - Event Fundraising and Sponsorship
MGT X463.38 - Marketing an Event Business
MGT X463.42 - Developing and Managing Your Event Business
MGT X465.3 - Project and Process Management
MGT X466 - Building Corporate Business Models: Enhancing Productivity
MGT X467.21 - Finance for Non-Financial Managers
MGT X469.03 - Understanding Your Role as a Supervisor
MGT X469.12 - Managing Differences Through Workplace Inclusion
MGT X470.33 - Project Leadership, Communication and Team Building
MGT X470.36 - Management of Information Technology Projects
MGT X470.39 - Project Scheduling and Risk Management
MGT X470.40 - Introduction to Agile Project Management
MGT X470.41 - Project Management Essentials
MGT X470.42 - Quality and Performance Management
MGT X470.50 - Agile Management Using Scrum and Kanban
MGT X470.60 - Agile Change Management and Organizational Transformation
MGT X470.70 - Leading Agile Teams
MGT X470.73 - Project Procurement Management
MGT X470.80 - Project Management Professional and Certified Associate in Project Management (PMP/CAPM®) Exam Preparation
MGT X474.1 - Business Management for Heritage Professionals
MGT X474.2 - Accounting and Finance for Heritage Professionals
MGT X474.3 - Heritage Sales, Marketing, and Contracting
MGT X474.4 - Heritage Operations and Project Management
MGT X474.5 - Peopling Heritage Organizations
MGT X478.15 - Effective Business Presentations
MGT X480.51 - Customer Service Management
MGT X491.1 - Developing Your Digital Professional Portfolio
MGT X491.29 - Marketing You: Personal and Career Development Strategies
MGT X491.99 - Essentials for Professional Development
MGT X492.01 - How to Open and Manage a Restaurant
MGT X496.01 - Introduction to International Business
MGT X496.02 - International Business Strategy
MGT X496.03 - Doing Business in China
MGT X496.04 - Introduction to International Trade
MGT X496.05 - Strategic Leadership for a Changing World
MGT X496.06 - Communicating Across Cultures
MGT X496.07 - Global Investment Management
MGT X496.09 - Essentials of Business Management
MGT X496.10 - Essentials of Business Management
MGT X497.10 - International Marketing
MGT X499.4 - Tourism Destination Management
PHIL X451 - Creative, Critical and Collaborative Thinking